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Add xAPI support to your learning platform

In order to do anything with xAPI, you’ll need a Learning Record Store (LRS) to receive, store and return xAPI data about learning experiences. Integrating a Learning Record Store (LRS) into your existing eLearning application can help increase the value and reach of your product, whether you’re enhancing an LMS you create or building out your own learning environment. Adding xAPI-support is particularly important in light of the recent update to DoDI 1322.26, which advises xAPI-compliance.

Integrate for an easy path to entry

Rustici Software offers two LRS options that integrate with other applications to help you build out the product or platform that meets your needs.

Local, On Premise LRS – If you need a self-hosted solution, the Engine LRS is a great option for vendors and organizations that have specific security and server requirements.

SaaS LRS – Enjoy the convenience and ease of using Cloud LRS, hosted on Amazon Web Services. The Cloud LRS is free to use and a great tool for testing and prototyping.

Both the Engine and Cloud LRSs have been certified by the ADL LRS Test Suite, which means that any LMS or product that integrates our LRS solutions can also be certified as an xAPI conformant LRS.

“Rustici Software guided us through a complex project adopting xAPI in our own system,” said Rob Korbin, CTO at Integrated Media Technologies, Inc. “Rustici’s expertise in using xAPI runs deep, and they were able to map our proprietary needs into xAPI while maintaining the industry standard. Their advice was sound, their code impeccable, the project was managed professionally, and it came in on budget. Working with them was a great experience.”