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Get a SaaS LRS

Enjoy the convenience and ease of using an integratable, hosted Learning Record Store (LRS).

Using a hosted LRS means that you don’t have to deal with the pains of setting up and maintaining both the LRS and the servers that it runs on. If you want to get up and running quickly, or if you just need a reliable place to accept and store xAPI statements, then a hosted LRS might be great for you. A hosted LRS can also be added to just about any LMS.

Check out the (SCORM) Cloud LRS

SCORM Cloud is a hosted LRS (don’t let the name fool you, xAPI support is included!) that you can use as a stand alone LRS directly through the SCORM Cloud site. Or you can build out a more integrated connection from your platform or LMS directly to the Cloud LRS via APIs.

What does SCORM Cloud with xAPI support mean for you?

  • SCORM Cloud contains a hosted Learning Record Store (LRS) and can accept Experience API statements from anyone, anywhere.
  • The SCORM Cloud LRS has been certified by the ADL LRS Test Suite, so you know you’re using the most current and up-to-date LRS. And integrating the Cloud LRS into your product helps to ensure that your product will also pass the test suite.
  • Use SCORM Cloud to test your xAPI activities or build out a proof of concept.
  • Use SCORM Cloud’s API or pre-built integrations (e.g. WordPress, Moodle) to turn systems that you already use into destinations that accept xAPI statements.
  • Use SCORM Cloud on its own, or use it to add an LRS to almost any LMS.

Added Bonus #1- SCORM Cloud also provides support to import and launch xAPI and cmi5 content. It even converts new and old SCORM and AICC registrations to xAPI statements.

Added Bonus #2- SCORM Cloud is free to try. Use it to test your xAPI content, or as a central LRS to store your xAPI data. However you use it, we’ll be here to help you along the way.

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