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xAPI Evangelists and Onion Enthusiasts

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Categories: Ideas, xAPI

Posted 12 July 2012


As a “xAPI-first” company and self proclaimed xAPI Evangelists, we see it as our duty to spread the good word about the Experience API and plant the seed with folks like you about all of the new possibilities it enables. In doing this, we’ve had countless conversations. Each conversation has helped us better tell the xAPI story, but it wasn’t until this year’s mLearnCon that the idea of Layers of the xAPI Onion sprouted.

Experience API Layers of the Onion

Bringing in the idea of layers allows us to ease folks into xAPI without blowing their minds (or losing them) too early in the conversation. Most of you are familiar with SCORM, and likely have a love/hate relationship with it. xAPI as part of the next generation of SCORM creates the first layer of the Onion… and it gets juicier and more exciting from there.

Layers of the xAPI Onion

More layers to the onion will likely form as xAPI continues to gain traction and adoption increases, but these should give you plenty to chew on for now. As you dig in, ask us questions, send us your thoughts… we welcome them.

We’re obviously xAPI believers and we encourage you to join us (and bring others with you). In typical evangelist fashion, we even have a Layers of the xAPI Onion handout.

Print it, email it, fax it (if you’re still into that sort of thing)… share it anyway you choose. Doing so may plant that next seed and we’ll all benefit from the growing interest in and adoption of the Experience API.