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Data Capture

The currency of xAPI is the statement—an expression in the form of <I><did><this>. And the thing that issues statements is called a Learning Record Provider. But statements can be sophisticated. We can help you design all your experiential data as xAPI statements through a comprehensive approach to Learning Record Provider design.

Installing a learning record store (LRS) is easy. Deriving meaning is hard. We can help you refine the questions you want to ask your LRS specific to your application or get you set up with a learning analytics platform.
Data Migration

Systems are always in flux. Innovation means change. We can help you move data from your legacy LMS into a learning record store.

A great learning system is well designed. We can help put all the pieces above together. It won’t look like a puzzle anymore; it will look like the big picture.
Deep Dives

We have a popular xAPI blog series that digs deep into spec arcana. Our thought is that you shouldn’t need to be a spec expert, but you should leverage the specification for organizational value and business advantage. Let us come do an on-site seminar and facilitate discussion to help you do just that.



Ask Us Anything. Really.


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