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Getting a locally installed Learning Record Store

A Learning Record Store gives you a way to accept xAPI statements, store them, share them, and make them available for reporting needs. Having your own locally installed LRS means that you have total control over your environment when it comes to data, development, reporting, and quite a bit more.

A locally installed LRS can stand on its own, or it can live inside an LMS.

The xAPI Engine

We’ve been dealing with learning standards for a decade. It’s all that we do. It’s not easy and we try hard to make it better for everyone involved.

xAPI Engine is a piece of software that can be added to existing LMSs. It entirely takes care of the xAPI piece of the equation (the hard part) and lets LMSs have their own Experience API implementation, including an LRS. A massive portion of the e-learning industry relies on our products to provide world-class standards support.

xAPI Engine is the easy way to bring the Experience API to your LMS.

Solving the standards conformance issue on your own might seem like a good idea now, but it can take years to get it right, and then you have to keep up and adjust to all of the changes that are made to the specifications. xAPI Engine lets you solve the issue in about a month.

The xAPI Engine can give you other standards support as well (it costs more) — SCORM and AICC to name a couple. If you don’t need all of the standards, then you can just get the xAPI part of it. To learn more about getting support for xAPI as well as SCORM and the other standards, check out SCORM Engine.

If you want the easiest and best way to start accepting xAPI statements in your learning environment, then let us know. We’d love to talk to you about the xAPI Engine, and you’ll quickly see that our expertise in the area of e-learning standards is second to none.