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Add an LRS to your LMS

Integrate a Learning Record Store (LRS) into your platform to increase the value and reach of your eLearning application.


If you have an LMS, it could be more useful and powerful if it could track experiences across many systems. Adding Experience API (xAPI) support is one way to achieve this.

If you’re an LMS provider, you’ll want to explore adding an LRS to your platform to capture data from learning activities that occur outside of the LMS.

Our LRS is software that is integrated into an existing system. It entirely takes care of the xAPI piece of the equation (the hard part) and allows for products to have their own xAPI implementations. It can be locally installed on your servers, or you can choose a cloud/hosted integration.

Meet Engine LRS: The Locally Installed, Integratable LRS

  • The Engine LRS is one of the first LRS products to be certified by the ADL LRS Test Suite. Using the Engine LRS in your application means that your LMS can also pass the Test Suite and be listed as a certified LRS.
  • Our LRS takes care of every bit of xAPI and is updated as the spec evolves. You never have to touch the specification or worry about keeping up with changes.
  • The Engine LRS is an on-premise software solution, allowing you control over what servers you use and where the data resides.

Key Features of the Engine LRS

  • Multi-tenant support – Separate databases for each of your customers allows you to provide each with their own unique xAPI endpoint.
  • Intercept and refuse statements – You control which statements are allowed to be saved into your LRS. This helps you enforce guidelines for content vendors.
  • Statement forwarding – You can pipe xAPI statements from one LRS or endpoint to any other LRS.
  • Notifications – Tell your application whenever a statement is stored.

Bonus! In addition to the LRS functionality, Engine also provides support to import and launch xAPI and cmi5 content. It even converts new and old SCORM and AICC registrations to xAPI statements and can customize the statements to match your own reporting structure.

Engine is a great alternative to building your own LRS, because you can include it in your product and because building your own LRS is really hard.


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