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Connecting educational applications and assessment platforms.

There are many applications that students can learn from and assessment platforms that can help the teacher understand how the student is doing. It’s time that those applications and platforms work more closely together. In real time, teachers should be able to get a picture of where the student needs help and what they have mastered.

This will help teachers to more quickly intervene when a student is struggling. When a student is succeeding, the teacher can recognize that and help them find their next challenge.

This is a guide to moving data from various educational applications with the Experience API. It’s a consistent way for many different applications to communicate with assessment platforms and make sense of activities. As a profile for K12 formative data, it’s based on the Common Core State Standards (CCSS), so that the data can be widely understood.

How to get started…

We built this statement generator with the addition of an extension for Common Core State Standards. You can use this to create example statements and test your existing statements.

Your Experience API Statement:

Connecting to an LRS:

You can sign up for your own LRS on SCORM Cloud. Click here to see how.

The assessment platform can retrieve the data from many different applications stored in their LRS. In starting to work with an assessment platform, you should have a conversation with them about how the data will be shown to teachers. This is to help you are making all statements needed and for them to make sure your data is pushed into the best interface for the teacher to work with.

Do it the easy way…

We have a number of code libraries available to help you get started making statements.