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SCORM Cloud + Experience API, Hosted LRS Pricing

We want to encourage you to use the Experience API. The more statements you generate and store, the better you can make use of xAPI and your data.

xAPI is still evolving, so that makes SCORM Cloud pricing a little challenging. Here’s our current pricing structure for using a hosted LRS inside SCORM Cloud:

Externally generated xAPI statements are accepted and stored for free in your SCORM Cloud account — no limit. If you’re using something like the our xAPI bookmarklet, a mobile app, or content that lives on one of your servers and just sends statements to your SCORM Cloud account, then there is no charge for this. We currently have no plans to charge for externally generated xAPI statements, but can’t commit to that being the case forever.

Now, if you plan on zipping your content up into a xAPI package that’s to be imported to SCORM Cloud, then the regular rules apply. When a learner becomes associated with one of these courses, it counts as a registration. The number of registrations that you’re allowed each month is determined by which level of SCORM Cloud account you have. Read more about registrations and SCORM Cloud account levels here.