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Let us do the heavy lifting

So xAPI sounds pretty cool, but you’re not sure where it lives your environment? You could build it into your existing application if you have the time and knowledge. Rather than do that, you may want to check out using SCORM Cloud instead.

Don’t let the name fool you

SCORM Cloud does much more than SCORM these days — it does xAPI. With xAPI, a SCORM Cloud account can now serve as your very own LRS, complete with a built-in statement viewer. If you already have a SCORM Cloud account set up, congratulations! You’re already the proud owner of your very own LRS. That was pretty easy, huh? You can also host xAPI activities (alongside your SCORM and AICC content) and deliver these to your learner or post a link to it anywhere you want.

SCORM Cloud gives you the ability to:

  • Import and launch xAPI content
  • Accept xAPI statements from any source (from inside an LMS, or outside an LMS)
  • Have your own LRS to store activity statements
  • Access LRS data through a built in Activity Statement Viewer

As a hosted solution, SCORM Cloud won’t take up any space on your end and is updated to always use the most recent version of the Experience API (this is huge.) No downloads required. E-learning specifications evolve — they get better over time. (SCORM went through seven different iterations in about ten years, for example.) Each new iteration of an e-learning standard means more software development work to be done. You can leave that part up to us — we’ve been doing this for a long time, and we’ll say it again: “we’re good at it.”

You can focus on what’s important

Using SCORM Cloud as your LRS lets you:

  • Get set up in minutes — literally. If you have an account, you have an LRS
  • Spend time on your key business — sharing your content and seeing the results
  • Easily manage data with a built in statement viewer

The best technology out there, from the experts

  • Conformance to the spec is the most important thing when making sure that you have an LRS that works. SCORM Cloud comes to you from the company that brought the xAPI specification into existence (that’s us) and it’s more conformant than any other LRS.
  • Using SCORM Cloud allows you to future proof your training application. If you have xAPI activities you’re ready to share, SCORM Cloud can help you deliver it to the masses.
  • We understand that SCORM is going to be around for a while. In SCORM Cloud, xAPI lives alongside your SCORM content and reporting for a seamless transition.

Millions of people reap the benefits of our products each year because of the amount of friction our products reduce not only in the implementation and support of the specifications, but in the ongoing upgrading and conformance to the specifications as they change. Building your own LRS might sound like a great idea to you right now, but months/years down the road, you might wish you didn’t have to deal with it anymore.