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5. Add Extras (bookmarking, completion, etc.)

If you know basic HTML, then this step will be a breeze for you. If not, then we’ll try to make it as easy as possible for you.

Bookmarking Code

You’ll need to add some bookmarking code to the pages of your course so that a learner’s location within your course can be tracked and recalled.

Go back to the “scormcontent” folder from the root of the Driver folder, and find all of the HTML files that are a part of your course. Open the first HTML file of your course with your text editor, and you should see lots of HTML code.

Look for the closing HEAD tag. Note: there are two HEAD tags. The opening HEAD tag has no “/” in it. The closing HEAD tag has a “/” in it.

It should look like this:
scorm driver free bookmarking head tag
Once you’ve found the closing HEAD tag, you need to paste the bookmarking code just above that tag. Here’s the bookmarking code to copy/paste into your file:

If you did it correctly, your final code should look something like this:

scorm driver free bookmarking code final view

Re-save your file, and you’ve now added bookmarking to that page. Repeat the process for every HTML page that’s a part of your course. Now you’re ready to add completion code.

Completion Code

This is very similar to adding bookmarking code, except completion code is only added to the very last page of your course — the page that says something like “Congratulations, you’re done!”

You’ll add this completion code directly above the bookmarking code that should already be in place (copy/paste this):

So, the final code on your “completed” page should look like this:

scorm driver free completion code addition

Re-save this last file, and you’re done with this step.


If you want to add other statements to your course, there’s plenty that can be done. It’s a fair assumption that if you know that you want to add more, then you probably have a decent understanding of HTML and javascript (at least we’re going to assume that.) You can find lots of other xAPI stuff that can be added to your course in the more detailed xAPI Resources section.