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4. Match Your Course’s File Name in indexAPI.html

Find the indexAPI.html file in the scormdriver folder. Open it in your text editor, and find the code that you see here:

scorm driver free match course names in indexAPI.html

The only thing that you want to change in this file is “index.html”. Look back at the files you just copied into the “scormcontent” folder, and note the file name of the first page of your course. Change “index.html” inside the indexAPI.html file to that file name. If the file name is “training1.html” in your “scormcontent” folder, then just replace the text “index.html” with the text “training1.html”. It’s important for your file name to not have any spaces in it.

Re-save your file.

Your course is now technically Experience API conformant! We don’t want to stop here, though. We should add bookmarking and completion to your course. It’s easy to do…just see the next step…