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scorm driver free for non commercial use download

Step 1. Pick a version

Note: Driver is only free for non-commercial use. If you’d like to use Driver commercially, please get in touch with us.

xAPI Driver (SCORM Driver) works across the board with almost any e-learning specification, but here we’ll be focusing on xAPI. The only place to download SCORM Driver is on the “Add Content” page of SCORM Cloud. (A SCORM Cloud trial is free, and you can sign up here.)

Which specification do I need?

Since we’re talking about the Experience API here, choose the xAPI option, and grab your download.

What am I downloading?

When you download Driver, you’ll be downloading a zip file that contains a template for a xAPI package. To use Driver, all you need to do is change some of the template to reflect your content, insert your content, and then let our Driver javascript do the heavy lifting for you.

Note: Driver currently allows you to create xAPI conformant content packages that are to be imported into a xAPI conformant LMS, and report statements to that LMSs LRS, or multiple LRSs. If you want to create content that lives outside of an LMS, that’s a little more work. We’ll help you do that.

Can I still try it if I don’t have a course to test with?

Yep. We created a very basic sample course that has zero xAPI conformance. If you’d like to experiment with making it conformant via this Quickstart Guide, you can download it here.

If you want to see how this sample course looks after it has become xAPI conformant with Driver, you can get that here.