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xAPI Driver: free for non-commercial use

Note: xAPI Driver Free is part of a bigger download called SCORM Driver. When you download it, it will be called SCORM Driver. Just remember that SCORM Driver also contains xAPI Driver.

If you want to use xAPI Driver for non-commercial use, then we want you to have it for free. Read the license to see what constitutes “non-commercial use.” (It’s a short read, don’t worry.)

scorm driver free for non commercial use download

How do I get it?

We’ve made xAPI Driver (SCORM Driver) for non-commercial use available as a free download from within SCORM Cloud. Just sign up for a free trial of SCORM Cloud, then find the download link in the “Add Content” section.

You’ll also want to take a look at our SCORM Driver Quickstart Guide after you get Driver. Driver takes a ton of the complexity out of e-learning standards, but it’s still a fairly complicated piece of software.

Driver Quickstart