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Archive for the "News to Me" Category

News to Me: Statement Forwarding

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Categories: News to Me

Posted 9 December 2014


Since joining Rustici Software at the start of November 2014, I’ve been discovering some interesting products and features within Rustici Software and outside. This “News to Me” series of blogs highlights some of these surprises!

One of the key benefits of xAPI is that data can flow in any direction. I’ve talked and written about this a lot—usually in the context of client applications (activity providers, reports etc.) either pushing data to or pulling data from an LRS. ‘It would be nice though’ I often say ‘if the LRS could be the one pushing the data.’ Sadly there’s no LRS that has this capability yet. Or so I thought…

It turns out I’m behind the times. I was surprised to learn that a few products already offer statement forwarding as a feature! They include SCORM Cloud, SCORM Engine and Watershed LRS.