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Build with SCORM Cloud + Experience API

SCORM Cloud + Experience API is a hosted Learning Record Store. SCORM Cloud is where the learning industry goes to test content conformance, and we’ve baked in that same world-class conformance into SCORM Cloud + Experience API.

SCORM Cloud is something a little less than an LMS. You can deliver and track learning and training with SCORM Cloud, and with the addition of the Experience API, SCORM Cloud + Experience API now accepts xAPI Statements.

What can you do with SCORM Cloud + Experience API now?

  • Deliver xAPI statements to your own personal SCORM Cloud endpoint in your account
  • Use the LRS tab in SCORM Cloud to securely accept statements from any activity. Just add an activity provider, and give them their own credentials (provided in the LRS tab).
  • Use SCORM Cloud + Experience API to debug your activities/content
  • Use SCORM Cloud as a xAPI sandbox. Statements stored in a Cloud sandbox can be deleted, normal xAPI statements are permanent.
  • Start experimenting quickly with the xAPI Bookmarklet and our Statement Generator. Both will send statements to a SCORM Cloud account if configured properly.
  • You can also experiment with our prototypes, and configure our sample content to send statements to a SCORM Cloud account.

Configuration & Security

  • LRS data is segregated and protected by using existing SCORM Cloud AppIds. Get your AppID and Secret Key from the SCORM Cloud Apps section. Also, see a screencast of how to find the info you need in SCORM Cloud.
  • If you want to let an activity provider securely send statements to your Cloud LRS, go to the LRS tab in SCORM Cloud and add a new activity provider. Cloud will give you credentials to give to the activity provider.
  • The endpoint for your virtual private LRS is:
  • The sandbox endpoint for your LRS is:
  • Basic HTTP authentication is required. The username is your SCORM Cloud Application ID, and the password is a corresponding Secret Key. Both can be found in your SCORM Cloud Apps section.
  • If you want to use a fresh set of data within your sandbox, visit the xAPI Statement Viewer in SCORM Cloud, choose your Application sandbox from the dropdown menu, and click the “Clear Sandbox” button.
  • Note that the SCORM Cloud website now accepts xAPI “packages”. These can be created by zipping up one of the client prototypes (that contain a tincan.xml file), and can then be imported and launched directly in SCORM Cloud.
  • If you run into any issues, please report them to us. If you have other feedback or questions, send them along to as well. We absolutely value your suggestions, your interest, and your bug reports!
  • Download the prototype activity examples, then configure them to work with your SCORM Cloud account.