Learning Crafters

Learning Crafters develops and produces next generation bespoke digital learning experiences for organizations of various sizes. The company's toolbox includes interactive videos, animations, simulations, AR and VR which are combined into effective, engaging and measurable learning content. The company's work revolves largely around xAPI, thanks…

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Beijing Aha Cloud Educational Technology is a company that provides blended learning solutions for governments, enterprises and educational organizations in China. The core of our blended learning solutions relies on ahamojo.com, a pioneering SaaS based LMS which fully implements xAPI/CMI-5 specifications. Ahamojo.com is a complex…

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The Agylia LMS is a powerful learning platform with mobile, social and microlearning features that fully support the latest Experience API (xAPI) standard. The Agylia LMS has an in-built Learning Record Store (LRD) that supports xAPI. This opens up a wide range of offline mobile…

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Saba logo


Saba provides transformational talent management solutions to help your people and your business thrive. Saba allows all informal and formal learning activity to be saved in one place, whether it’s activity from within Saba (e.g. downloading a file) to outside of Saba (e.g. sharing a…

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Neunoia is a forward-thinking company that provides a simple and scalable learning platform to enterprise groups of all sizes. By combining the power of their Leaf LMS, xAPI, and custom tailored eLearnings, Neunoia can transform your development into a world class system. We know that…

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Nuevosmedios is a company that since 1998 has developed technological solutions to support knowledge management, face-to-face and virtual (e-learning / b-learning) training. At Nuevosmedios we believe that we are all lifelong learners and it is in our nature to share what we know. We help…

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Net dimensions logo


NetDimensions is a global provider of learning, knowledge and performance management solutions to highly regulated industries. NetDimensions provides companies, government agencies and other organizations with talent management solutions to personalize learning, enhance performance, and manage compliance programs for employees, customers and partners. NetDimensions' award-winning solutions have been…

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At DigitalChalk we believe in a revolution where every employee and student can learn and easily access educational materials. Our LMS empowers organizations to deliver more meaningful and engaging content. DigitalChalk provides you with a centralized LMS solution that offers regulatory and compliance tools built in. Educate your entire workforce…

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With over 20 years of experience in developing Educational Technologies Learnetic’s mission is to help Educational Publishers, Ministries of Education or Digital Disruptors to implement their technology-driven Educational ePublishing Strategies. By providing solutions at almost every stage of ePublishing processes we offer complete suite of Authoring Tools, eLearning & Delivery Platforms, eDevelopment Services and ready-made Interactive…

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Skill builder LMS logo

SkillBuilder LMS

BaseCorp is an experienced learning solutions provider, partnering with associations, government and industry to design and deliver custom learning solutions. By working closely with our clients, we ensure that our learning and technical solutions are aligned with their core performance objectives. SkillBuilder® LMS is a…

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